How does

OxygenSpa works?

Research conducted by many scientists confirms that such a blend of gasses is most similar to conditions optimal for human health. Why?

OxygenSpa is a modern and non-invasive method of delivering greater quantities of oxygen to the body than it is capable of absorbing through simply breathing ambient air. The essence of such therapy is taking advantage of the forces of nature in order to stimulate the human body to regenerate faster, to function better, and to be more productive.

How to use the OxygenSpa most effectively?

Conditions prevailing in the OxygenSpa as determined as such in order to allow prolonged stays within the device. It is assumed that one session lasts two hours. However, there are no contraindications to extend such sessions, even to spend the night inside OxygenSpa.

As in the case of every other health complementary method, important is being systematic. Positive effects on health, physical condition, and beauty are noticeable already after a few sessions. However, best results appear when deciding on a course of at least ten visits. You can repeat these as often as you like.

Sessions at OxygenSpa can be treated as: 

Because OxygenSpa is inspired by nature and is based purely on use of its true inner potential, it can be used by anyone, regardless of age. 

New OxygenSpa technology

The treatments are subject to schedule availability. It is recommended to request an appointment.

Guests are advised to arrive 15 minutes before the treatment time.


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