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New OxygenSpa technology

A modern therapeutic device

OxygenSpa is an innovative device which naturally aids relaxation and regeneration of the body.

The device is used to implement completely safe and highly beneficial oxygen therapy, which takes place in a hyperbaric atmosphere.

OxygenSpa incorporates modern technology and the latest medical achievements in order to stimulate the body

to work more effectively using nature’s potential, prompting a more effective regeneration of the tissue.



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One entry

€65 / session

Package – 5 entries

( €275 ) €55 / session

Package – 10 entries

( €500 ) €50 / session


One entry

€85 /session

Package – 5 entries

( €375 ) €75 / session

Package – 10 entries

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How it works

How does OxygenSpa work?

OxygenSpa is a modern device for administering oxygen therapy, with constant, strictly defined atmospheric parameters maintained within it.

These parameters, in comparison to the natural parameters of the Earth’s atmosphere, have been modified in the following manner:

  • oxygen content increased from 21% to approx. 40%,
  • pressure is increased from approx. 1000 hPa to approx. 1500 hPa
  • carbon dioxide levels increased from approx. 0,05% to approx. 2%
  • molecular hydrogen levels increased from approx. 0,0005% to approx. 0,5%.


air pressure on Earth

1000 hPa

air pressure in OxygenSpa

1500 hPa













Research conducted by many scientists confirms that such a blend of gasses is most similar to conditions optimal for human health. Why?

  • Pressure increased to a level of approx. 1500 hPa accelerates the regenerative process of human organs and tissue, as well as facilitating human tissue in the absorption of an increased amount of oxygen.
  • Due to the increased amount of carbon dioxide, oxygen separates from haemoglobin in the capillaries more easily and reaches the organs and tissue where it is most necessary.
  • Hydrogen, however, is one of the most effective antioxidants, aiding the body in neutralising harmful free radicals.
OxygenSpa oxygen therapy, in a hyperbaric atmosphere, is a modern and non-invasive method of delivering greater quantities of oxygen to the body than it is capable of absorbing through simply breathing ambient air. The essence of such therapy is taking advantage of the forces of nature in order to stimulate the human body to regenerate faster, to function better, and to be more productive.

How is OxygenSpa built?

OxygenSpa is constructed from the highest quality materials and components, safeguarded with advanced monitoring and alert systems. The comfortably and elegantly equipped OxygenSpa consists of an antechamber (referred to as an airlock) and the Relax and VIP zones. On entering OxygenSpa, the conditions within the airlock are characteristic of the Earth’s atmosphere. After the door is closed, an automatic system increases the pressure in order to equalise the conditions to those maintained within the target area. This process is called compression. Once the process is completed, the door to the target area can be freely opened.


The reverse process is called decompression. In this case – after moving from the target area to the airlock and closing the door – the pressure is reduced to approx. 1000 hPa. Once this level is achieved the entrance door can be opened.


The OxygenSpa interior and the atmospheric conditions within it are constantly monitored, guaranteeing a consistent blend of gasses. The completely automated system ensures that the air is crystal clean and its parameters stable.


OxygenSpa offers a fully equipped toilet, as well as a Redox water distributor, which guests are free to use during the sessions. Other amenities of OxygenSpa include comfortable seats, audio-visual equipment, and electric sockets, for charging a laptop or mobile phone.


Benefits from an OxygenSpa session

Regular use of OxygenSpa

Regular use of OxygenSpa has a favourable influence on many aspects associated with the functioning of the human body.

Hyperbaric oxygen sessions have a positive effect on:

For these reasons, OxygenSpa sessions can be used to complement and support pharmacological therapies. They can be either an alternative to Beauty & SPA treatments, as well as being a perfect supplement to them.

How to use the OxygenSpa most effectively?

Conditions prevailing in the OxygenSpa as determined as such in order to allow prolonged stays within the device. It is assumed that one oxygen therapy session lasts two hours. However, there are no contraindications to extend such sessions, even to spend the night inside OxygenSpa.

As in the case of every other health complementary method, important is being systematic. Positive effects on health, physical condition, and beauty are noticeable already after a few sessions. However, best results appear when deciding on a course of at least ten visits. You can repeat these as often as you like.

The treatment can be treated as: 
Because oxygen therapy is inspired by nature and is based purely on use of its true inner potential, it can be used by anyone, regardless of age or state of health.

OxygenSpa in relation to health support

Oxygen therapy supports treatment

Because oxygen therapy is inspired by nature and is based purely on use of its true inner potential, it can be used by anyone, regardless of age or state of health. The sessions can be treated as prophylactic, as a supplement to current medical treatments, cosmetic-aesthetic treatments, a means aiding in relaxation and unwinding, as support for the body while training, or as regeneration for athletes after long and intense exercise.

OxygenSpa in relation to beauty

Oxygen therapy can be a great alternative and supplement to varied Beauty&SPA treatments
It carries a range of benefits, such as:
Ageing is a natural element of our lives. Still, for centuries, people have not ceased in their search for a means toward longevity, trying different kinds of supplements, cosmetic treatments, surgical treatments, and other biological regeneration methods. Oxygen sessions in OxygenSpa can help to maintain youth for longer, allowing the body to function longer in great condition.


What are stem cells?
Stem cells play a very significant role in the body. They have two important features which are decisive of their uniqueness and cause that our cells would be unable to regenerate or rebuild effectively without them.

What are these features?

Stem cells are non-specialised.

What does this mean? Depending on the type, stem cells can “convert“ to cells of a strictly defined specialisation, in accordance with what the body requires. This process is called differentiation. For this reason, possible is a constant regeneration and rebuilding of cells. Differentiated stem cells replace those cells which have been damaged or which have died.

Stem cells are self-renewing. 

This means that they have the ability to create faithful copies of themselves because they can split repeatedly. This process takes place throughout the lifespan of the body.

Many scientists believe that the significance of stem cells is so great that they will be the foundation of the medicine of the future. For many years a wide range of research has been conducted with the aim of finding methods for controlled stem cell differentiation. The idea being to force these cells to convert into strictly defined types of cells, most necessary for the treatment of a specific illness, such as, e.g., stroke, diabetes, or heart disease.

OxygenSpa in relation to stem cells

Stem cells are currently used in such areas as haematology, treatment of medicine as haematology, treatment of myeloid and blood cancers, e.g., leukaemia. Also, conducted are multiple clinical trials relating to the use of stem cells in the therapy of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiac failure, cerebral palsy, or strokes. Stem cells are most frequently acquired in an invasive manner, e.g., through extracting it from bone marrow. They may also be collected from umbilical cord blood cells.

An interesting alternative for surgical procedures associated with the transplantation of stem cells are oxygen therapy sessions in OxygenSpa.

Research conducted on the subject indicates that the conditions inside OxygenSpa can stimulate the bone marrow to increase its production of stem cells. Their growth can even be 8-fold. Why does this happen? 
During an oxygen session, bone marrow is oxidised in the right way – this gently stimulates it to work more intensely, which results in the increased production of stem cells. Their greater amount translates to faster renewal and regeneration processes within the body. Because an increased number of stem cells is noticeable directly after a session and up to 2 to 4 days after a session, to maintain such an effect advisable is the regular repetition of visits to OxygenSpa, e.g., every two to four days.

REDOX water

Redox water – what is it and what qualities does it have?

Redox hydrogenated water is considered to be the ideal liquid!  Why? – Redox water has a few significant advantages by means of which it has a great effect on the human body:

All this ensures that drinking the active hydrogen saturated Redox water regularly can have a positive influence on maintaining the body in good condition and health. Due to the high hydrogen content, it effectively counters the processes associated with oxidative stress. Hydrogen, an extremely common element appearing on Earth, may also contribute to the relief of symptoms of such illnesses as:

which was proven by, among others, Japanese scientists already in the 80s. Scientists from the Japanese Water Research Centre discovered that the quality of liquids consumed by humans is greatly dependent on the ORP, not – as it could seem – only on the content of nutrients or minerals.

Potential of Redox water

apan is one of the countries where the potential of oxidation reduction potential, otherwise known as Redox potential, is commonly studied. This index informs about the aptitude of liquid entering into a reaction called oxidation or reduction. It explains the ability of a given liquid to transfer electrons. A high Red-OX potential indicates high oxidating qualities – such a liquid is harmful to health. The lower the potential, the better the liquid is for the body.
Every liquid you consume has a particular Redox potential, regardless of whether it is, e.g., fruit juice, tea, coffee, spring water, mineral water, or milk. Appearing in coloured, sweetened, or energy drinks with a positive Redox potential may be many harmful free radicals which can accelerate the effects of ageing, as well as causing the appearance of many different illnesses. Hence, with choosing are such drinks which are characterised by the lowest Redox potential. Such a drink is Redox hydrogen water.

Redox water with hydrogen

The Japanese are famed for their longevity. What is their secret? Among other things, it is the regular drinking of water saturated with active hydrogen. Consumption of Redox water, according to scientists, is one of the more effective methods for the delivery of hydrogen, a gas which is hugely beneficial, to the human body. Particles of easily adaptable hydrogen dissolved in water facilitate deacidification of the body and elimination of free radicals.

It is irrelevant whether you drink Redox water in bottles or use a water distributor in OxygenSpa. Significant is the method in which the liquid is prepared. This method results in the liquid being free of any forms of contaminants, carcinogens, microplastic, or microorganisms. Crystal purity is achieved through boiling, filtration, ionisation, and revitalisation using the Grander method (developed by the Austrian water researcher Johan Grander), which is based on reviving the primal power and self-purification properties of water by transferring information to it in the form of high frequency vibrations.
Redox water is often defined as the “youth potion”. The health benefits which it presents place it among the most worthy liquids which we should all consume. Hence, drinking Redox water during an OxygenSpa session additionally supports regeneration of the body.

New OxygenSpa technology

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